Hearing from Our NUS Interns

Hearing from Our NUS Interns

In Q3 202, GP is proud to have 3 NUS Social Work students Annabel, Amelia and Claire joined the GP family for their internship component. They were involved in multiple facets of GP and contributed to them firsthand. From Case Studies, Therapeutic Interventions and direct work, the interns were able to help our Home’s work first hand and experience life in a residential home.

Left to Right: Amelia, Claire, Annabel from NUS School of Social Work

The interns were also involved in a unique project — a video for GP’s future Family Care Officers (FCOs). FCOs resemble the Guardians, the Gatekeepers of GP. That being said, the FCOs is capable of moulding the experience of our Girls and GP Family. We felt that visual aids could support the GP’s training arm and incoming FCOs. Together with GP FCOs, the interns worked diligently to produce a video series, “FCOs of GP”, We hope that this series will make up for FCO’s steep learning curve.

On the last day of their internship, we interviewed the interns. Here are their thoughts: 

Q1: What brought you to intern in GP? Upon entering (GP), what are your initial thoughts of this internship or social service? 

Amelia: At the start, I chose to intern at GP as I wanted to learn more about the youth residential setting. I was very nervous but excited to embark on this journey before the internship! 

Claire: I felt excited at first because I was delving into something completely new. But I was nervous as to whether I would be able to adapt to a residential setting. And also whether I will be able to get along well with the girls there.

Annabel: I came into GP as a part of my (course) internship module, not knowing what to expect. I was also fearful before I met the Girls because I had this preconceived notion that Girls in these kinds of residential home settings would be quite “out of control”. 

 Q2: How has the journey in GP been like for you? 

Amelia: I am grateful for the supportive environment in GP. It allowed me to be unafraid to explore new things, make mistakes and learn from them. GP is a safe space for us to grow professionally and personally (individually). Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, which made settling in an easy task. I learned a lot through all the opportunities this internship provided and had fun in the process as well. 

Annabel: GP has a family culture, where everyone genuinely cares for everyone. (After meeting everyone) I felt a lot more at ease because everyone is so welcoming. The staff are accommodating and approachable, creating a comfortable working environment. I also feel safe enough to explore in this environment, knowing that I would be supported if I need help. After meeting the girls, I realised that the girls are very sweet and have a lot of potential to bloom and become women of dignity and confidence.

Q3: What is one thing about GP that stands out to you? 

Claire: The atmosphere in GP, as well as the FCO, made a significant impact upon my time in GP. The environment based on positive affirmation. GP provides positive regard but also warm intervention methods and open interactions with everyone, be it staff, interns or the girls. It is a very welcoming place which makes me keen to learn things that I was and could be doubtful. It overrode my previous worries of being judged or questioned if I pose a question during the internship. 

Amelia: The family culture in GP is very prominent. The staff here are family to one other and the girls. The amount of love and dedication the team have for all the girls is admirable. No matter who walks through the doors of GP, they accept each girl for her uniqueness and support her through her entire journey. Being able to experience and witness this with my very own eyes warmed my heart.

Annabel: Working in GP, is not all rainbows and sunshine when working with the girls, but at the end of the day, seeing how the girls transform makes everything worth it.

Q4: Finally, what would you say is your most significant takeaway from this internship: 

Amelia: Hmm my greatest takeaway is to do your best and have no regrets. I was unsure if this course, what I’m studying, is what I want to pursue in the long run. This internship made me realise that this is what I want to be involved in, and I’m thankful for that! 

Claire: Teamwork. Working in a (residential home) setting, everyone needs to work together for things to come in place. This internship showed me that teamwork requires everyone’s time and effort. Especially during the video project, the filming team, Head of Home and fellow FCOs had to work on various aspects concurrently. From liaising of (actors’) schedules, checking of (script) content, the acting, logistics and all, these are only possible through constant communication between all of us to allow the entire filming process to fall in place! 

Annabel: The people whom I’ve met in GP made the whole experience a memorable one. I had a great time with both staff and girls, and I love the warmth from the GP’s environment and the staff team!

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Staff Welfare 2020: Tea Appreciation with Kah Mun, the Tea Connoisseur

Staff Welfare 2020: Tea Appreciation with Kah Mun, the Tea Connoisseur

Did you know? 

Tea storage, Teaware, Tea aging, and Tea and Food pairing – These are some of the factors that can affect your tea appreciation experience! 

In July 2020, Gladiolus Place Staff Team had a series of in-house Tea Appreciation events as a part of GP’s Staff Welfare. The Tea Appreciation sessions were run by Kah Mun, a Tea Enthusiast and Connoisseur! 

We are delighted to have Kah Mun on board to share his passion for tea with Gladiolus Place! During the sessions, Kah Mun exposed us with some of his finest selections of tea, refined our taste buds, and enlightened us on the philosophy and history of teas. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, GP began taking Zoning and Split Team measures for the safety and precautionary measures for our Home and our Girls. We are relieved that these measures did not impede such opportunities for our staff to learn, bond and recharge from work! Before the Tea Sessions, we continued to take safety and hygiene measures so that our Staff team can recharge at ease. 

We would like to thank Kah Mun for Filling our Cups during this challenging period and refreshing our Minds with this fascinating experience. 

Are you interested in having a BeauTEAful experience? You can reach out to us to learn more! 

Lifting Each Other through COVID-19

Lifting Each Other through COVID-19

For the past few months, the whole world has been caught up with the COVID-19 pandemic. Protective and preventive measures increased and tightened drastically. Essential services are working relentlessly round the clock. Gladiolus Place stands as an essential service, and operational Home for our Girls runs 24 hours, 7 days. It was a critical season that challenged and stretched our Home’s potential in a way we never expected. 

We are privileged to have the back of our supporters and the public who showered us with blessings. Donated meals, daily necessities, masks and sanitising equipment, and the list goes down. We would like to extend our gratitude to all of you who stand by us. THANK YOU!

“We rise by lifting each other” – Robert Ingersoll. 

Gladiolus Place is blessed by many beautiful souls and wants to instil a sense of selflessness in our Girls. For that, our Home has been engaging our Girls in activities that involve the local community. Our Home hopes to inspire our Girls to be able to live a life of an abundance and grow into better versions of themselves through such community collaborations! 

We will continue to brace our Girls and our Staff through this pandemic, slowly and steadily. We will remain vigilant to keep everyone safe. Likewise, Rain or shine, we will continue to extend our love, warmth and support to our Girls and other vulnerable youths. 

Because Every Girl Loved, Every Life Transformed

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Singapore Cancer Society X GP Art #CancerCanGive Collaboration (for Covid-19 Frontliners)

Singapore Cancer Society X GP Art #CancerCanGive Collaboration (for Covid-19 Frontliners)

Featuring our 2nd collaboration with with Singapore Cancer Society – This is a partnership where Cancer survivors and our Gladiolus Place Residents come together to work on art pieces to express their gratefulness towards our healthcare front liners.

Just as how every piece of artwork is unique, so are the front liners who are dedicating their time, effort, and even their lives to battle against Covid-19.

In July 2020, the art project has been completed and we were so excited to finally be able to piece together the Mural! We are grateful for everyone who has supported this project and shared this with the healthcare workers too.

Once again, we would like to thank Singapore Cancer Society for endorsing this initiative, from the planning of this project to providing art materials so we could create a beautiful Mural together with the cancer survivors!

Family Day – Art Therapy

Family Day – Art Therapy

It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Art Therapy is a creative way for individuals to express themselves in ways that words can’t, while Family Therapy involves counselling of the family unit that helps resolve psychological issues and improve communication between the Girls & their Families.

One way we integrate Art Therapy with Family Therapy is through organising family events such as our Family day held back in March 2020, before the Circuit Breaker. This in-house event was helmed by our then-intern Art Therapist (Natalie), our then-intern Counsellor (Evangeline), as well as our Head of Therapy (Tyler). Families came to join their daughters in creating an art piece from scratch to portray how they viewed their family life. Also, to make things more interesting, they were only allowed to use items they could find around our Home.

At Gladiolus Place, we do more than just transforming Girls to become Women of strength and dignity. We also believe in rebuilding relationships. We not only work with the Girls individually but also intentionally engage with their families. Intervening with Family Therapy allows us to take a step deeper into restoring the Girls back into a loving and supportive community.