Family Day – Art Therapy

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Saturday, May 30

It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Art Therapy is a creative way for individuals to express themselves in ways that words can’t, while Family Therapy involves counselling of the family unit that helps resolve psychological issues and improve communication between the Girls & their Families.

One way we integrate Art Therapy with Family Therapy is through organising family events such as our Family day held back in March 2020, before the Circuit Breaker. This in-house event was helmed by our then-intern Art Therapist (Natalie), our then-intern Counsellor (Evangeline), as well as our Head of Therapy (Tyler). Families came to join their daughters in creating an art piece from scratch to portray how they viewed their family life. Also, to make things more interesting, they were only allowed to use items they could find around our Home.

At Gladiolus Place, we do more than just transforming Girls to become Women of strength and dignity. We also believe in rebuilding relationships. We not only work with the Girls individually but also intentionally engage with their families. Intervening with Family Therapy allows us to take a step deeper into restoring the Girls back into a loving and supportive community.

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