Staff Welfare 2020: Tea Appreciation with Kah Mun, the Tea Connoisseur

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Thursday, Aug 06

Did you know? 

Tea storage, Teaware, Tea aging, and Tea and Food pairing – These are some of the factors that can affect your tea appreciation experience! 

In July 2020, Gladiolus Place Staff Team had a series of in-house Tea Appreciation events as a part of GP’s Staff Welfare. The Tea Appreciation sessions were run by Kah Mun, a Tea Enthusiast and Connoisseur! 

We are delighted to have Kah Mun on board to share his passion for tea with Gladiolus Place! During the sessions, Kah Mun exposed us with some of his finest selections of tea, refined our taste buds, and enlightened us on the philosophy and history of teas. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, GP began taking Zoning and Split Team measures for the safety and precautionary measures for our Home and our Girls. We are relieved that these measures did not impede such opportunities for our staff to learn, bond and recharge from work! Before the Tea Sessions, we continued to take safety and hygiene measures so that our Staff team can recharge at ease. 

We would like to thank Kah Mun for Filling our Cups during this challenging period and refreshing our Minds with this fascinating experience. 

Are you interested in having a BeauTEAful experience? You can reach out to us to learn more! 

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