Taekwondo Grading

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Tuesday, Feb 25

Gladiolus Place sent our very first batch of Girls for Taekwondo Grading on 23 February 2020! We are overjoyed to announce that all of the Girls have been promoted at Grading Day! One of our Girls even received a double promotion! The Girls’ families were invited to witness their daughter’s progress and talents on Grading Day. How proud they were of their daughter’s achievements!

This was made possible with Coach David and his team of volunteers from Ignite Taekwondo Group, who had been coaching our Girls weekly since late 2019. Not only did they focus on teaching them this new sport, they also worked closely with Gladiolus Place to build character into our Girls. Recalling a quote by Coach David on the day of the Taekwondo Grading,

“It doesn’t matter whether you Girls get your black belt. At the end of the day, what matters is that your lives are transformed and that we get to journey with all of you.”

We have been privileged to bear witness to the resilience, commitment and dedication the Girls showed in their journey towards the Taekwondo Grading. With the culmination on Grading Day, it was more than just celebrating their promotions. It was a celebration of their journeys in their transformation to become better versions of themselves. Kudos Girls!

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