Therapeutic Interventions

Gladiolus Place believes that there is no cookie cutter solution for trauma, and there needs to be greater flexibility with how trauma is defined and treated. From the very first day a Girl arrives at our door, we assess her and, create an individualised, tailored programme for her, which will address her unique rehabilitative and therapeutic needs, as well as interests, abilities and gifts.

At Gladiolus Place, we adopt Family Therapy, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Animal-Assisted therapy to help us equip our Girls when they face and overcome their trauma.

Family Therapy

Where there are communication barriers, a therapist is able to be a middle man to rebuild the bridge between parent and child.

At GP, our end goal is to reintegrate our residents back to their families, and this form of therapy is important to us. During family therapy sessions, our in-house therapist negotiates the misalignment among different family members and invite collaboration within the family unit. Finding a sustainable middle ground helps families to eventually navigate each members’ dynamics in a healthy manner.


 Once a week, our Girls have sessions with their assigned therapists. GP has an in-house care team that pairs our residents 1-1 with a therapist staff.

Counselling sessions are a safe and non-judgemental space for every Girl to share freely, and journey towards healing. These sessions help them to come to terms with their past experience and prevent a downward spiral with timely professional help. In patiently walking with each girl, GP prepares them to handle life ahead undeterred.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Gladiolus Place is the first residential home in Singapore to adopt this method of therapy in partnership with NParks. At GP, the Girls learn how to be responsible for our fostered cats by performing husbandry duties twice a day. We have personally witnessed the growth of our girls as they learn to care for others, in love and tenderness. Interacting with our cats has helped our residents to be active participants of healing from their emotional scars. This is also the independence we hope our residents learn and take with them when they face future challenges.

Art Therapy

 Art therapy involves processes that cirumvent neurological barriers to remembering the trauma, accessing trauma-related emotions and non-verbal memories. And through art, we hope to help our residents draw closure for their past incidents.

Once weekly, our girls attend art therapy and through the patient hours of regular experiential learning, our residents use art to express their emotions and grasp their state of mind.

Art, being a universal language, helps individuals to verbalise often what language cannot, and is a powerful tool that GP uses to develop responses that girls can adopt and apply in other real life situations.

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